Name :   michelle
e-mail address :
Comment :   good paintings
Name :   Teri Rose
e-mail address :
Comment :   Beautiful portraits and site.
Name :   Carmen Sexton
e-mail address :
Comment :   Hello, I amintereted in placing an order. Your work is wonderful and it is exactly what I want. Please tell me how to ago about placing an order. I believe what I like is oil portrait painting or pastel. Looking forward to you rply.
Name :   Slavica Todorovic
e-mail address :
Comment :   HI just to thank you for leaving a welcome message on community is very friendly and i am sure ill enjoy. To use nature in order to create a Art work is catching the Paradise on the Earth. I like your work. Thank you
Name :   Shasta
e-mail address :   
Comment :   Just wanted to say that you did a FANTABULOUS job on the portrait of my two grandfathers. Like I mentioned to you before, my parents were speechless!
Name :   AstarsMan
e-mail address :
Comment :   Enjoyed Your Beautiful Artworks in Humankind and Natural Environment.Progressively Refined. Cosmically From StarsMind Creator.GOD Bless ALL,Andy StarsMan.Yours Inlight/Insight.
Name :   Jemiho Stark
e-mail address :   
Comment :   Youve certainly fourished continually as an artist!!! Please continue Blessing the world with your talent. :-)
Name :   Helen
e-mail address :
Comment :   Suzana, Thank you so much, my husband loved our portrait. You were such a delight to work with on this gift.
Name :   Karen
e-mail address :
Comment :   Suzana, thank you again for our beautiful portrait of our daughter. You are a gifted artist, and thank you so much. Karen.
e-mail address :   jetmahler@hotmail.con
Comment :   Hi Suzana, your work is amazing! I really enjoy visiting your website. I am also a portrait artist, in pastel & coloured pencil & live in Canada. Thank you so much!
Name :   Bethy Hartjen-Sachs
e-mail address :
Comment :   I am artist, too. I am deaf. If you want ask me I willing send some my arts to you. thanks, bethy
Name :   Oby
e-mail address :
Comment :   Hi Suzana, I love your work, and have formed the habit of coming over and over again to view them. I hope to someday paint portraits as perfect as yours.
Name :   Mike Sun
e-mail address :
Comment :   Hello Suzanna, i hope you have a big time. thank you for your friendship. sunny greetz from cologne, dear mike
Name :   Christine Arato
e-mail address :
Comment :   looking forward to working with you
Name :   Julie
e-mail address :
Comment :   thank you again for the beautiful portraits and your support with our fundraiser. much love from
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