Name :   Cameron Weston V.
E-mail :
Comments :   Cameron Weston happens to be the name of our 2 year old...nice name!!
Name :   elias escobedo
E-mail :
Comments :   Cameron, Glad to hear youre keeping busy and booking those jobs! Keep up the good work, ;o) -Elias
Name :   Jatt
E-mail :
Comments :   nice profile shot...look like Harrison Ford in it. Kool wishes :-)
Name :   S.E. Pick
E-mail :
Comments :   Hi Cam. Glad to see you pursuing a dream. Knew from that you were in SF. Im a BU classmate also in the Bay Area. Youll have to email me if you want to know who!
Name :   Greg Potts
E-mail :
Comments :   Saw Dirty Blonde last night and was very impressed with your performance.
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