Name :   Michael Bulawit
E-mail :
Comments :   Very nice and handsomely done website CAM. Continued success in your acting endeavors. Look forward to Dirty Blonde and bowling... ; )
Name :   Howard Thornton
E-mail :
Comments :   C- I am impressed with your theatrical career! And a great website. Break a leg, and Ill try to get to Dirty Blonde. -H
Name :   tracy brotze
E-mail :
Comments :   Hi Cameron! Nice website. I didnt know about the fist in the mouth, interesting. Great to see you recently! See you soon.
Name :   fiona
E-mail :
Comments :   Hi Cam, Jamie just emailed me, including your page info, with the gall to tell me theres no competition in the looks department! You might have to kick your bros ass next time hes in town! Personal question hon - should I be trying to lure him down to Oz
Name :   Jeffy
E-mail :
Comments :   Good Job Cameron- I am not sure if saying that putting your fist in your mouth is a good thing. You will have horny directors calling you wanting to see what else you can do with your mouth! HA! JOKING- good job.
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