First Name :   Tim
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Comments :   Even though I have not made a quilt in a while, every time I sit at my sewing machine I think of all the many children Zach would have wanted to have a Special Quilt! This is a great way to keep his spirit alive and well! Thank you Windles for sharing thi
First Name :   Stephanie
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Comments :   I was thinking about Zach the other day. Ive met a lot of children in my life but never one as funny as him. I havent talked to you guys in a while so I just wanted to say Hi to all of the Windle family. I hope you are doing well. Stephanie Casey
First Name :   cathy
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Comments :   We miss you Zach, especially during your favorite time of the year! Love you forever, Mommy & Daddy
First Name :   Kim
Comments :   Thank you Zach and your family for your gift of love. We love our gift bag full of fun and memory makers. Our son Ryan (age 3)was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma and is getting a double stem cell transplant at CHOP. Keep up the good work, Angel Zach!
First Name :   Dara Giannotti
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Comments :   We have just been diagnosed at CHOP our 22 month old has medulloblastoma and my husband is next door fighting esophageal cancer,Thank You so much for the gift bag it was so thoughtful and helpful during a difficult time!
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