First Name :   Jim
Email :   Trost
Comments :   Our love, thoughts, and prayers go out to Debbie and Mom during this time of loss. May his spirit continue to fly free with freedom of an eagle forever... That all may remember and reflect on the happy times... and smile of his memories....
First Name :   Dick/Diane
Email :
Comments :   Sounds like he and Mac would have had lots to talk about with their backgrounds. Our sympathy - gone much too young.
First Name :   Anne
Email :
Comments :   I feel so much for you. I also had a brother David whom I called Dowdow with much affection. I will hold you and David in my thoughts xx
First Name :   Chris
Email :
Comments :   Thanks for sharing Deb. I remember some of the stories you and your dad told. Reminds me a lot of my brother and me growing up.
First Name :   Stan
Email :
Comments :   I never met this relative of mine, sad to say. I know we would have gotten along just fine. And yes, 60 is way too young. Thanks, Debbie, for making this information available.
First Name :   Vicki Roberts
Email :
Comments :   Wow! What an intelligent and accomplished man. I am sorry that you and your mother lost him at such a young age Debbie.
First Name :   Debbie and Larry H
Email :   
Comments :   Debbie, such sweet memories. So sorry you lost him so suddenly.
First Name :   Terria Kehr
Email :
Comments :   60 is way too young. I only have one brother and we still argue, but cant imagine him being gone. So sorry for your loss Debra.
First Name :   Denise Jeffress
Email :
Comments :   I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. Losing one at such a young age is a bit more painful as theyve left so much living. I enjoyed the memory book you made for him, Im sure that helped you begin healing. My deepest sympathy to your mom. Its not eas
First Name :   danny taasevigen
Email :
Comments :   i love your site we shuld get together i haveaireal photo of homestead at door mt nd fairview mt. CALVIN melvin taasevigen was my dad i have most all oridginal pomes he wrote more DANNY TAASEVIGEN 1 406 291 3885 TEXT FIRST TO INSHURE I ANSWER IF U CALL
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