First Name :   Kristen
URL :   
Comment :   Hi Pat! I dont know if you remember me but I talked to you a few times last year after my female was accidentally spayed. I found a sweet little bitch from Doreen Blank. Her name is Jilans Issey Bella Mia. Ive been showing her and her her first win was a
First Name :   Teresa Fisher
URL :   
Comment :   I love your chihuahuas I own Justice BGs boy
First Name :   Nora
URL :   
Comment :   So happy with our little Gyp. She is definitely the boss of this family. Spends most of her time snuggling inside of my shirt....then her little head pops out and surprises unsuspecting people.
First Name :   Michelle
Comment :   Hi pat I just dropped in to see all the cuties you guys have now Liberty is doing wonderful and He is such a sweet little guy
First Name :   Luwanah Lamas
URL :   N/A
Comment :   Love your dogs. Would love to get something that I can show. If you ever have anything I would appreciate you giving me a chance. Luwanah
First Name :   Silvia
Comment :   Hello from Germany, cool Site and lovely Dogs, best greetings,Silvia,Bernd and Poodles.
First Name :   Kathryn
URL :   
Comment :   You have beautiful Chihuahuas. Hope someday to get one of yours.
First Name :   Kristy
Comment :   Thank you! I love the set up of your site It has lots of places for me to visit and search all in one area.
First Name :   Jean
URL :   
Comment :   Just wanted to let you know that while I havent signed the book before, I frequently stop by the website to visit your precious pups! Thanks again for our wonderful babies! Jean and Jim
First Name :
URL :   
Comment :   Hello Pat, Just a note, Pixie Dust is doing great. I will send photos. You can post them if you would like on your site. Thanks for such a great chi. Maria from san diego, Ca
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