Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :   01/21/2013
Name :   RoseAnn Virginia Bonardi Shawiak
Email :
City/Country :   Phoenix, U.S.A.
Favorite works :   I love all of Chopins music
Favorite composers :   Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart,
Favorite pianists :   Chopin, Van Cliburn
Comments :   Ive been writing poetry since I was eleven. Now 62. Always listen to Chopin when writing - his music inspires me greatly. I write anywhere from one to sixty- three poems every day. Took piano lessons for(8wks)at A.S.U. As I write right handed, my left han

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :   08/23/2012
Name :   Lee Cameron
Email :
City/Country :   New York
Favorite works :   Bachs Passions, Mozart Strauss Operas Chopin
Favorite composers :   Bach Beethoven Chopin Debussy
Favorite pianists :   Hoffman Schnabel Kapell
Comments :   

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :   08/06/2012
Name :   Anna
Email :
City/Country :   Anchorage/USA
Favorite works :   Waltz #3 in A Minor. Prelude to Grande Polonese
Favorite composers :   Chopin and Strauss
Favorite pianists :   
Comments :   I discovered your website few years ago. I am just glad its still here. Thank you for keeping it open! -Anna

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :   07/20/2012
Name :   Ege Maltepe
Email :
City/Country :   New York-USA
Favorite works :   Ballades and Nocturnes
Favorite composers :   Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Schubert
Favorite pianists :   Michalengeli, Arthur Rubinstein, Evgeny Kissin, Emir Gamsizoglu
Comments :   Thank you for all the great work youve put into this website. Its a great source. Currently I am in the rehearsals of my new play, Genius(by Chopin). The project will be interlaced with a Chopin recital by pianist Emir Gamsizoglu. If youre in NY in Octobe

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :   06/27/2012
Name :   Joseph Ciolino
Email :
City/Country :   USA
Favorite works :   Fantasy f-minor, Ballade No.4, Ballade No. 3, Mazuraks, Polonaises, EVERYTHING!
Favorite composers :   Josquin, Bach, Brahms, so many.
Favorite pianists :   Michealangeli, Ferber, Rubenstein. others
Comments :   Wonderful Website. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of our dear Frederic.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :   06/12/2012
Name :   Cam Field
Email :
City/Country :   Oakville/Canada
Favorite works :   
Favorite composers :   Chopin Satie Lizst
Favorite pianists :   Ax / Oscar Peterson
Comments :   Wonderful Ode to Chopin. He remains a titan in classical piano composition. His melodies and musical personality will transcend time....thanks to pages like this.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :   09/23/1986
Name :   Lela Chism
Email :   
City/Country :   USA
Favorite works :   Liszts Piano Sonata in B Minor, S. 178: Grandioso - Recitativo, Chopins Scherzos No. 2 & Sonata No. 2
Favorite composers :   Chopin, Listz,Glass,Wagner
Favorite pianists :   Yundi Li
Comments :   

Name :   Anh
Homepage :
Email :
City/Country :   
Favorite works :   All Chopins
Favorite composers :   Chopin
Favorite pianists :   Chopin
Comments :   Welcome to my new guestbook! I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Please check back again.

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