First & Last Name :   J.T. Bullock Jr.
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Comment :   Just showing your web page some love... I love food and those who cook it... looking forward to meeting with you one day...
Date :   7/27/09
First & Last Name :   Lisa Holyfield
e-mail :
Comment :   Greetings from Fairbanks, Alaska! I was looking for an authentic flan recipe and found yours. It looks just like the one I would have back in Mexico. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Lisa Holyfield
Date :   7/22/09
First & Last Name :   Diane Maartens
e-mail :
Comment :   I am so taken by your site its truly great and all these wonderful recipes thanks! All the best for the future!
Date :   1 March 2009
First & Last Name :   Ben Park
e-mail :
Comment :   Chef it is wonderful to see you doing so well. I hope the days of you giving me greif and salty looks are long gone, and the actualaty of those things were that you actually liked me and just wanted me to do well. (i hope thats the case) I hope your well
Date :   12.15.08
First & Last Name :   Sanzari Aranyak
e-mail :
Comment :   You are an awesome chef! I especially like your special dessert tonight.
Date :   11/27/08
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