First Name :   Cindy
Comment :   Where are you teaching in Kentucky and what are the dates. The group I clog with love your choreography and are seriously thinking of making the trip to Kentucky. Would love to hear from you - Cindy Duncan E-mail address:
First Name :   Darcy Shurtleff
Comment :   Amazing choreographing Tina Curtis InClogNeatO
First Name :   Ron
Comment :   I clogged in the 80s. Want to start up a group in the Niagara area. Where can I get shoes? i.e. Toronto, Brantford etc. Please e-mail me at Thanks so much Ron
First Name :   Pat
Comment :   I have been coming to class for since the summer and have really enjoyed every minute. The people are so welcoming and Tina is a great teacher. 2 hours goes by very quickly.
First Name :   Johnny
Comment :   Nice site. love your photo on your bio :-P Why does I Love Lucy come to mind? lol See ya on the dance floor Tina!
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