First/Last Name :   Jacob The Losen
E-Mail address :
Location :   Gainesville, Florida
Comments Please :   This website is very helpful for my family tree making.
First/Last Name :   Bettina Brümann
E-Mail address :
Location :   Berlin
Comments Please :   Hallo! I am a member of The Losen Family. My grandfather`s grandmother was Ludovica The Losen, living in Krefeld.Herr husband was Franz Du Fallois.Please contact me!
First/Last Name :   Maryann Coker
E-Mail address :
Location :   Stuart, Florida
Comments Please :   I am so impressed with the website and information about the theLosen Family. I am second cousin to Tim ONeill and his sister Christine. Our Grandfathers were Walter and Herbert theLosen, brothers. My Mother was Maryann theLosen, Herberts daughter. Thank
First/Last Name :   Tim ONeill
E-Mail address :
Location :   New Jersey/USA
Comments Please :   Hello Henry, We connected a couple of years ago and my niece just sent me a link to your site as well. She happened to find it on her own and is very excited. I hope you and Johanna are doing well.
First/Last Name :   Liesje Laurenssen (Windmoller)
E-Mail address :
Location :   Freelton, Ontario, Canada
Comments Please :   I have information on the parents of Hermina Grada Johanna if you are interested. She was the sister of my Grand-father.
First/Last Name :   (e)Rik Theloosen
E-Mail address :
Location :   Nijmegen
Comments Please :   Hallo Hennie en Joke, ik had in 1970 naar je vader moeten luisteren. Toen verkrok ik naar Amsterdam, en hij zei toen tegen mij je kunt beter naar Amerika vertrekken.!! Kijk maar naar mijn oudste zoon.
First/Last Name :   Mike Lance
E-Mail address :
Location :   Kansas City area
Comments Please :   Very nice web site. Youve done a lot of work. Nice looking kids (young adults) you and Johanna produced.
First/Last Name :   Patti Ralabate
E-Mail address :
Location :   Boston
Comments Please :   What a lovely idea!
First/Last Name :   Wilma Shockey
E-Mail address :
Location :   Rapid city SD America
Comments Please :   
First/Last Name :   Elly Vermaat-Theloosen
E-Mail address :
Location :   Wijchen
Comments Please :   Johanna en Henry, with love the best wishes to 2009 and also to your children and the little.
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