name :   Festus
comment :   Just wondering how your pea shooters doing.

name :   JO=TX
comment :   hey Jake !! its been a while.. Just thought I would drop in and say hello and send you best wishes for 2008-- take care JO-West TX

name :   Michelle
comment :   Hey, just stopping by to see whats new. Take care!

name :   Darcy
comment :   I learned something today from you. I didnt know that there was a time zone known as Hawaii time. Aloha, and WISH I WAS THERE. = )

name :   jaxxs
comment :   Hey Rob.....No hes not seen the likes of me or stacy anywhere....Whats new in your world stacy or me our emails havent changed..By the way Hey

name :   Rob Bryant
comment :   the wife and I enjoyed meeting you the many times we were at a Gary show,so how do we find your show scheudle,good luck and GOD bless ya,your a great entertainer!P.S.have you see Jackie and Stacey lately?

name :   DianeP
comment :   Music is the food of the soul, blood of emotions and the air of humanity and you cant have music without beautiful words. So support a poet or an artist today. Thought Id share this. Diane

name :   Donna
comment :   Hope to see you somewhere this year!!!

name :   Jaxxs
comment :   Hey Jake...I see we can always look forward to the sarcasm and witt of Jake Kelly as we move in to the New Year...Guess it wouldnt seem the same with out it..Im sure there was some howling at the moon on your part...Enjoy the New Year..May you remember th

name :   jaymes
comment :   yay! i beat the spammers =] happy new year!!!

name :   Darcy
comment :   Happy Holidays Jake! It is good to hear from you. May all your Christmas wishes come true and all the best for Jake in 08!

name :   jaymes
comment :   the state of texas misses you! (at least i know i do) =[

name :   Darcy
comment :   Hope your show goes great for you tonight! Let us know how it turns out. Break a leg(only in a good way though =])!

name :   Jennifer
comment :   I miss you! Can you move TN closer to Maine? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? Miss you!

name :   Cami
comment :   Hey Jake! Havent been to your site in a while (like years)... I know.. SAD!. WOW.. look at what youve been doing. Looks like Im gonna have to make some purchases. Would so love to see you again. Take care.

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