Name :   Cal hubbard
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Comment :   DCA 1973-1975
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Name :   Ron Vance
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Comment :   I road the OKC from June 1971 until Dec 1973. We had the best Basketball team we played in beautiful countries. I still think of some my friends. Being a cook was no joke long hours and little pay but the rewards are a lifetime of stories I tell my grandk
Name :   Steve Crabtree
Comment :   FTG3 to FTG1 from 1974 to 1979 in main and secondary gun fire control in FG Division. Retired as CPO in 1993. Working in San Diego as a Test Technican (age 65) just for fun.
Name :   Taumafai Iuli
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Comment :   What a useful site to relive with old friends that had a common experience. Looking forward to hearing from shipmates.
Name :   Taumafai IULI
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Comment :   Served March 1973 to early 1974, with 3rd Div. Anyone who served then, get back to me, need some confirmation some events. Best liberty in WestPac I remember.
Name :   Ernest d Hoffman
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Comment :   Was on the pre-com detail in 1960. Served on her until December 1962 and the transferred to Com7th Fleet. Staff the bac on her in July 1964 until late Dec 1964. Became a shell back 4 Sept 1963.
Name :   Gary Hanna
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Comment :   Cruiser sailor brother. I served on USS ST PAUL & CANBERRA US NAVY CRUISER SAILORS ASSOCIATION
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