Name :   chris egbert
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   If I win the lottery LOOK OUT! All my friends would have your art. Love it!

Name :   Hattie King
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   Hi there, I stumbled across your art on the ZeroOneArt website and was really impressed with your work. I work for The Brick Lane Gallery in London; we are a rentable gallery space where artists can showcase their work in both group and solo shows.

Name :   Anita EDIT
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   I still have your stuffs girl. I write as your stuffs girls were recently featured in my dreams. How is the artness going? Let me know. BIGFATKISS

Name :   Heidi Husk (Lafountaine)
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   Yo, Your work is very impressive, glad to see all the doodling in high school was not wasted. Heidi

Name :   Persian Rug
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   Hey. Im doing a critique on various art sites on the Internet for my art class and I stumbled upon yours(and scraped my knee at the same time). Your art is fantastic. Let me say that your site got a good review.

Name :   bill
e-mail/URL : /
Comments/Suggestions :   Hi,excellent artwork.By coincidence i am discovered this HP and find her was also mad determine much work.visits us never the less also times,on a small return visit we powerfully would be pleased. Cordialgreetings from Germany Holzbill http://www.hol

Name :   lucie-oddgirlinthecorner
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   you are sooo talented, i love your paintings, they are stunning. hopefully one day I will buy one.

Name :   daniel lim
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   very very nice yumiko! keep up the good work!

Name :   Jay
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   Way Cool.

Name :   gary barwin
e-mail/URL :
Comments/Suggestions :   I came across your work in Ryan Birds Twaddle magazine where I have a piece. I particular enjoyed your work incorporating abstract text. I enjoyed your site very much. All of my hundred eyeballs were surging.

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