Screen Name :   Crimson ---------- Cloud
URL :   none
Comment :   I like the art section and thats about it. The rest of the site, is confusing. You should put more stuff into get it more interesting.
Favorite Video Games :   Fatal Frame 1 n 2 - Onimusha 2 - SoCom Navy Seal - Devil May Cry - Resident Evil
Favorite Movies :   Action - Comedy - Horror - Thoughful
Favorite Books :   Pride and Prejudice - Kama Sutra - Tantra Books .....well ne sex books that provides good intruction and pointers is good. - Religious - Psychology
Favorite Music :   Metal - Alternative - R&B -

Screen Name :   Pooh
URL :   
Comment :   Tuan what kind of crap is this....j/p well i just want to say hi and stop pickin up gurls using my name. lolz. k later
Favorite Video Games :   
Favorite Movies :   
Favorite Books :   
Favorite Music :   

Screen Name :   foxy
URL :   
Comment :   
Favorite Video Games :   Kingdom Hearts
Favorite Movies :   Lord of the Rings
Favorite Books :   Flowers in the Attic
Favorite Music :   Reagge

Screen Name :   Crimson Wake
URL :   
Comment :   Its cool... could use more stuffs... hahah
Favorite Video Games :   Currently off and on... HALO, MechAssault, Puzzle Fighter, and Mario Kart Series
Favorite Movies :   Tommy Boy, Happy Gilmore, Black Hawk Down, and some more stuffs...
Favorite Books :   Heros Die, Dark Elf Trilogy, Icewindale Trilogy
Favorite Music :   Not listening to much music anymore... everything sounds the same now...

Screen Name :   GrifterKing
URL :   
Comment :   This is my new favorite site. You guys rule!
Favorite Video Games :   Everquest, Ys Book I & II, Phantasy Star, HALO
Favorite Movies :   Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Romancing the Stone
Favorite Books :   Streams of Silver, Timeline, Treason
Favorite Music :   3eb, TheStart, Dance Hall Crashers

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