First Name :   erika
Your thoughts :   i remember sometime last week when i had a dream about you. i have them sometimes, i just can never remember what happened. its good to see you though, even if its just like that. i miss you a lot. and i always wonder how wed be if you were still around.
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First Name :   Unc and girls
Your thoughts :   Its been 5 years, and it still hurts. We miss you and love you!
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First Name :   Uncs
Your thoughts :   As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers...
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First Name :   Holly
Your thoughts :   Wow..i dont even know where to begin. I have had Ewings Sarcoma also. I was diagnosed when I was 12 yrs old. i have also lost three people that were very close to me. The first one was 4 years ago, and then 4 months ago, another, and 2 monts ago, another.
... :   Even though I didnt know Kyle, he has touched my life by me just getting on here. I read his story that he made when he was 12. Any child who can make those kinds of plans for his future at that young of an age, has to be truly remarkable! I love the pict
First Name :   taloore
Your thoughts :   happy birfday kyy. i love you and miss you very much
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First Name :   Unc, Aunt, Erika & Mo
Your thoughts :   Happy Birthday, Kyle. We love you and miss you!
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First Name :   cody
Your thoughts :   happy birth day kyle
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First Name :   
Your thoughts :   Happy birthday benny!!! I love you and miss you, I wish you were still here, I cherish the fun birthdays, Gameworks!!!
... :   
First Name :   Unc Al and Aunt Candy
Your thoughts :   Happy Birthday, Bem. We miss you...
... :   
First Name :   Unc Arn
Your thoughts :   Happy Birthday, Kyle - miss you more and more everyday ... Love, Unc Arn, Auntie Stars and Ace
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