Name: :   Jan H
Location: :   Scott City, KS
Email address: :
Comment: :   I bought the cut away violin @ Ossippe festival in Maine in July. I love it! Just played it w/my band at my daughters outdoor wedding. It sounded and looked beautiful! Thanks, Brad
Name: :   Dale
Location: :   East Middlebury, VT.
Email address: :
Comment: :   Violins look great, looks like a good place to be Dale Fenn
Name: :   Samuel Arcette
Location: :   Nashville, Tenn.
Email address: :   
Comment: :   I heard the Leahys playing your violin. Outstanding sound...beautiful work.
Name :   K. Gitto
Location: :   Australia
Website address: :   
Email address: :
Comment: :   Hello from down under. Nice Site!
Name :   andi lonon
Location: :   cranbrook, bc, canada
Website address: :   
Email address: :
Comment: :   Just took in a Leahy concert tonight (which was knock-your-socks-off fabulous). The tone quality of your fiddle stood out enough for me to inquire about it, and discover you. I hope & plan to one day have the chance to play/own a Bradivarious. Cheers, And
Name :   Don Whet
Location: :   Denver, Colorado
Website address: :   
Email address: :   
Comment: :   Enjoyed your website. Excellent work...beautiful violins.
Name :   Dale Fenn
Location: :   Middlebury, Vt
Website address: :   none
Email address: :   none
Comment: :   Brad, Good Talking to you in Brandon this summer. Im really happy that you seem to have found your bliss (violins). Dale
Name :   Dave Abbott
Website address: :   
Email address: :
Comment :   What a nice web page. What Great fiddles. I just bought a new German fiddle and if I keep at it might buy one of yours in 5 or 10 years. Im saving my scheckles.
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